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Mary Burgess Hypnotherapy


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Tel: 01243 375233 

Mobile 077961 79792


Mary Burgess Hypnotherapy has been running since 1999 and has sucessfully treated thousands of clients.

Please show the same respect to the therapist as you wolud any other professional you seek treatment from ie your GP or Dentist or Hospital professional.


Refund Policy & Rescheduled Appointments


At times it is unfortunate if I have to cancel /reschedule appointments but it will only be if it absolutely necessary.

I cannot always forsee events if booking clients in advance and I understand that you the client may too have to reschedule at times for the same reason.


I have also been diagnosed with medical migraine and cannot practice if I am suffering so appointments may need to be rescheduled on the odd occasion.

Working so closely with people I sometimes however pick up illness`s such as colds & sore throats this means it would be unprofessional for me to practise & risk passing on again appointments would need to be rescheduled.

*Please note refunds for sessions already taken will NOT be actioned under any circumstances as individual results may vary*

Appointments cancelled without 48 hours notice will be charged at £120 or the appropriate Intial Consiltation fee amount & if payment has been made in advance then that session will be deducted from any sessions remaining.

You can text your cancellation to 077961 79792 cancellations by Messenger or Email are not accepted.

No shows will NOT be entitled to a refund under any circumstances.

Refunds will NOT be actioned for anyone cancelling their treatment once it has started no exceptions.

If you accept any course materials such as Mp3 recordings, Literature or a CD then you have entered into a treatment programme with me.

**Please note neither the client or I (the therapist) are permitted to record any session in part or whole without prior written persmission from both parties.**

Sessions are confidential 

Any conversations between myself and a client are confidential.

If you (the client) and I (the therapist) re-arrange your appointment and you have taken the programme materials then a refund will not be offered if you then change your mind about attending your session/sessions.

To cancel an appointment please text/call my mobile 07796179792 appointments cancelled by email will NOT be accepted.

A cancellation fee will apply if you cancel your treatment once payment has been taken and you have had your initial consultation. The fee is £120 to cover for admin costs and time.

If you bought a course of treatment then no refunds will be actioned if you cancel your programme, however you may put your sessions on hold until you are ready to begin the programme again.

All treatment packages paid for in advance are valid for 4 months from date of purchase (expect in the Channel Isles where they are valid for 3 months)

Weight Loss clients your programme schedule after the Initial Consultation and 1st session is a session every 3 weeks and courses must be completed using that scheduled timetable. You may not extend your programme by opting to have the sessions outside of the 3 week period timetable.

However I will allow a two week window on the length of the program to allow for appointment changes and illness meaning that courses must be completed as detailed below.

6 Session courses must be completed in 12 - 14 weeks 

8 Session course must be completed in 18 - 20 weeks

10 Session courses must be completed in 24 - 26 weeks 

Bookings made for a specified number of sessions and paid for in advance have been discounted which is why time limits for completion of these programmes has been set.

Smoking Cessation clients if your successful after your first session, I still recommend you have your other session/sessions. However if you decide NOT to do so you will not be entitled to a refund.

Treatment programmes are non-transferrable you can only use your sessions for the condition they were purchased for unless you are happy to pay the fee differences)

Please note appointments in the Channel Isles are not always consecutive months.

Unused sessions outside of these times are NOT valid and cannot be used at a later date.

Refund requests must be made in writing and sent by post to the office address within 7 days of your intial concern, however if any of the t&c's have been broken then the refund reuqest will NOT be accepted.

It is your responsibility to adhere to these times and NOT the responsibility of the therapist.

Please note that all appointment requests MUST be made by calling the office.

If a GP request has been requested & you fail to provide evidence from your GP that you are able to undertake Hypnosis then your programme will become invalid. (A refund will only be considered if your request is put to the clinic within 10 days & in writing to the registered office address)

Clients that are abusive or that are deemed to be threatening will have their sessions terminated or treatment refused and it is at the discretion of the therapist as to whether or not to refund if any of the above conditions have been broken then a refund may NOT be offered.

It is the client’s responsibility to book their appointments by calling the office, Appointments requested by email will NOT be accepted & there is no guaranteed response time to emails due to the high volume of emails received so calls to the office are highly recommended.

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for an appointment without  contacting the office to say you will be late then your session may be rescheduled if it means there is not sufficient time to conduct your session.

Please note Mary Burgess Hypnotherapy is a business and all business rules apply please show the same restraint when approaching the therapist as you would any other business anyone deemed to be intimidating or threatening may be reported to the police.

Please note that if you do NOT hear back from Mary it is again your responsibility to re-try making contact for your own appointments there is an answer machine at the office & Mary`s mobile number is also stated on this website.

Please Note

Initial Consultations are 60 - 90 minutes depending on Initial Consultation fee paid.

Hypnotherapy​ sessions are 45 minutes or 60 minutes depending on programme booked these times are approximate and your session may run over so please allow time for this.









Refund requests MUST be put in writing and sent to


Mary Burgess Hypnotherapy

35 Selangor Avenue



PO10 7LR







  01243 375233

**Feel free to leave a voicemail this is only accessed by Mary Burgess.**


077961 79792

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