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      Paul’s Weight Loss Journey


Paul Garland, Weight loss Journey  


I’ve always suffered from weight issues all of my life, the crunch came last year when I weighed myself and saw 21st 4lbs on the scales well I have never been so heavy. This came after a cruise earlier in the year (May 2015) to go on the cruise I had to do a lot of clothes shopping, nothing in the “normal shops “ fitted, more correctly, not in my sizes of 52inch to 54inch waists. My wife and I enjoyed the cruise, but when getting dressed for the night I felt “A BIG FAT LUMP” especially for the formal nights when they have “Black suite“ affairs etc. it made me feel embarrassed for my wife to be seen with me. The extent this went to was not to use the “posh restaurant” but to eat our evening meals in the less formal restaurant. 


I must say this made me think and I started to get upset as too the state I’d got myself into. I thought people where looking at me, look at that fat bastard over there, would go through my mind as to what they where thinking and saying. I was by definition Clinically Obese by the BMI index I really started to worry. I’m 62 have type 2 diabetes take 2 blood pressure tablets 7 tablets for my Diabetes I’m heading to a early exit from this life, all because I can’t control my eating. 


The New Year comes along. Like all other people “I’m going on a diet” everyone I know says we’ve heard this before 

I listen to Radio Solent in the mornings and especially to The Julian Clegg Show, well this day in question he had an article about a man who lost weight by Hypnosis, 5stone this chap had lost. I started to think I’ve tried weight watchers, slimmer’s world, you name it in my time I’ve tried it, lets find out about Hypnosis. 


This is when I found Mary Burgess Hypnotherapy, made a phone call had a good chat and arranged for my first consultation, I spoke, about how I felt, how I presumed my wife felt, I was this “Big fat Blob” that was taking all these tablets. On the news there are reports about the Obesity epidemic in this country, I’m one of those people. I needed help was this going to work. ???  


Mary Burgess has helped me by hypnosis to control my eating and to date I’ve lost 5stone 11lbs, 2Lbs off 6 stone. That was my target, never did I think that I would achieve that loss. Mary also got me walking, to start with 4 to 5 thousand steps a day, I now walk regularly 6 to 7 miles I’m so much fitter, look better have more energy, I have even approached a Fitness Gym to continue the regime when the bad winter weather gets here. Mary introduce me too some phone apps I have used one to keep a daily diary of my calorie intake. 


I have had to go out and get all new clothes for me, with the old clothes going to a charity shop. My wife and I are going on another cruise this year and I’m looking forward to the formal nights because of this weight loss I know I will look smart and confidant. 


All my friends say how different I look and they ask me how I did it, was it hard?? 

I’m very pleased to tell them that I used Hypnosis to achieve this, and believe it or not I also say it was easy to do. Just follow Mary’s guidance listen too the audio file Mary sends you and the Hypnosis sessions I have had. Going to see Mary really helped, I was able to, very easily, talk to Mary about the issues I have with food (savoury things mostly Crisps, Salted peanuts, etc.) which Mary would then include in the Hypnosis session, I was at a low ebb in my life when I spoke to Mary about my size, she made we believe in myself and the 8 sessions I had have led to this nearly 6 stone lost. The hypnosis worked because I believed that it would make me change my eating habits and lead a more normal life around food. The other strange fact that has happened since this journey started I haven’t drunk any alcohol, I will when on our holiday, but not too many!! 

The comment about changing my eating habits have worked I don’t seem to be interested in snacking and I eat all the correct foods and have smaller portions and when I’m full I would leave some on the plate not like I used to do. 


Where do I go from here, as mentioned earlier, I will enrol in the local Gym to keep my fitness up and control my weight. I have no desire to go back to the old self and I can see my diet is now in control. I would like to walk some of the Pennine Way next year, I can do this now because of the weight loss. 


I’m now taking less tablets, my blood pressure has come down, my Type2 diabetes is well under control, and I feel so much better in myself. 


There’s one thing left I would like to do is get a picture of me stood by a stack of sugar (1kg bags) showing the weight I’ve lost it would amount too 36bags of sugar, I was carrying that around all the time. 


Written by, Paul Garland 

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